Executive Pastor Dominique A. Scott

Domonique Scott was born the first child to the late Renee F. Shephard of Miami, Florida on April 1, 1967. Pastor Domonique accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in 1986 under the leadership of Pastors John and Vivian Irving.

In 1996 the Lord change the gatekeepers of Pastor Domonique life to Pastors Antonio and Tracy Magwood where she was taught the sincerity of Worship. In 1999, Pastor Domonique relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to assist with the start up ministry under Pastors Magwood. In 2003, Pastor Domonique began visiting under the leading of the Holy Spirit SANE International Ministries Pastors Mason and Twyla Betha.

In the year of 2003 she met Pastor Brian and in April of 2004, they were married. Pastor Brian and Domonique joined together under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost SANE International Ministries May of 2004, where they continue to worship today.

Pastor Domonique was a high school drop out who returned in 1988 to complete her GED. In August 2001, Pastor Domonique return back to school to be awarded a Master Degree in Business from American Intercontinental University August 2004 and is currently pursuing a Doctrine in Christian Counseling through Friends International Christian University.

Pastor Domonique is a business entrepreneur of “Fabric of America” and ministry “Damsel Rise” and she is currently writing her first book “This is my Story” a message to redeem hurting women.

In 2006, GOD called both Pastors Brian and Domonique to teach the Good Life to the body of believers in North Georgia where they under the inspiration of Holy Ghost started Good Life International Church. Together, Pastors Brian and Domonique Scott have committed to take God’s word of the Good Life to a generation who relate having the good life solely to houses, bling-bling and cars to redirect them to understanding the true Good Life can only be ascertain through Jesus Christ.

Pastors Brian and Domonique A. Scott are the Co-Founders of the power packing, life changing, dynamic and explosive Good Life International Church with a fast growing ministry on the rise Pastors Brian and Domonique understand its their destiny to firmly establish the Good Life availability to all seeking the Father purpose for their lives and not just the Fathers hand.

Pastor Domonique compassion for the believers of Christ is focused on loving, supporting and building her spiritual children for she often quotes “It Does Not Matter How You Start Out In Life It Matters How You End”!

Due to Pastors Brian and Domonique continued pursuit of “The Good Life” not only for themselves, but also for the children of God creates a joint compassion for people of all colors, nations and genders to understand and locate their purpose in life by doing the will God. The Scott’s are the proud parents of Michael, Emmanuel, Brandy LaJoy, and TaylorJustice Lovejoy Scott. The Scott's newest promise of God has arrived, TaylorJustice Lovejoy Scott has been added by God to the Good Life First Family. You can email Pastor Domonique at exepastor@goodlifechurch.org